Myrtle Beach SWAT Team

In early 2000, the Myrtle Beach Police Department identified a continued need for a special response team to assist with critical and dangerous situations while not depleting the officers who were actively working the road. Historically, the Myrtle Beach Police Department relied on several partnering agencies, but due to the growth in the community, the Command Staff felt the need to move forward with forming a specialized team. After several months of research, a tactical team was created to respond to barricade/hostage incidents, suicide intervention, as well as initiate the service of high-risk warrants for all Divisions.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department’s SWAT Team comprised of 25 officers to include supervisors who have completed numerous advanced training sessions in weapons, explosive devices, building entries, tactical trauma, active shooter, home land security and vehicle entries. The team trains twice monthly to enhance their skills and focus on team development along with attend specialty course specifically based on assigned duties. In addition to training together, the Myrtle Beach Police Department trains with local, state and federal agencies in order to be fluid with protocol and procedure as well as to assist when necessary.