Citizens Police Academy – The Citizens Police Academy provides residents and business people with a behind-the-scenes look at local law enforcement. The 10-week program is typically held twice a year, in the spring and fall. Learn about topics such as crime scene investigation, defensive driving, gun safety, domestic violence and crime prevention.

Community Ambassador – Community Ambassadors are local volunteers that represent the City of Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities. Their role is to serve as the community liaison, providing direct support to community visitors while creating awareness of events and opportunities within our community.

Cold Case Team – The Cold Case Team is a program originated within the Investigative Division to assist in the investigation of older cases. Retired law enforcement officers from all over the country work with senior staff to continue to solve these cases. Click here for more information.

ISOP – International Student Outreach Program International Student Outreach Program Over the past several years the Myrtle Beach Police Department staff noticed an influx in international students living and working in the Myrtle Beach area during the summer season.

Neighborhood Watch Program – The Myrtle Beach Police Department works with more than twenty active Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the city.  Crime prevention officers help coordinate monthly programs and keep residents informed about activities available to them or of interest in their neighborhoods.  To start a Neighborhood Watch in your area, call the Crime Prevention Section at 843-918-1806.

TEAP – The Trespass Authorization Program or TEAP is a city ordinance created to assist local businesses and property owners with support from local law enforcement. This program permits the Myrtle Beach Police Department to enforce trespass ordinances on private property when property owners or business owners are not present. For more information related to this program, please contact the Regulatory Unit at (843) 918-1810.