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Support Services

The Support Services Division consists of the Records Section, the Property and Evidence Section, and the Telecommunications and Detention Sections.  Over eighty employees work together to support the Police Department in a variety of needs.


The Records Section is responsible for the creation, storage, retrieval, distribution and retention of all police related records. This section responds to a broad range of questions and requests from within the department, from citizens, news media and other agencies.

The Property and Evidence Section Property processes and stores items taken from crime scenes, found property or other evidentiary sources. Successful prosecution depends on how the evidence is handled and preserved.

Dispatch Teams

Our Telecommunications Section officers are responsible for receiving,dispatching and prioritizing both police and fire calls for service.  They prioritize requests for police and other public safety services; determines availability and location of patrol units; transmits information and dispatches police personnel and equipment in response to calls.


The Detention Section is responsible for housing adults and juveniles for within the 48-hour detention facility located at the main police department headquarters at 1101 North Oak Street. At this location, the Detention Section is responsible for processing inmates, providing jail and courtroom security, and transporting inmates to other facilities.

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