Recruitment FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about our department and recruitment process.

How do I apply?

You can find all open job postings on the City of Myrtle Beach Job Opportunity Website.

When can I advance?

As an In-State Certified Officer, you can advance to Police Officer First Class with six (6) months of continuous service with the MBPD as a Class 1 Officer. 

 Entering as an Uncertified Patrol Officer or Out of State Certified, you can advance to Police Officer First Class with Twelve (12) months of continuous service with the MBPD after receiving Class 1 Certification with the SCCJA. 

 Officers can seek promotion to Corporal with Three (3) years of service with the MBPD as a Certified Officer, and Eighteen (18) months as a Patrolman First Class by January 1 of the testing year. 

How long does the application process take?

The Uncertified Police process is generally open for Three (3) months.  After posting closes, testing invitations will be sent for a Physical Ability Test, Written Test, and Interview date within approximately two (2) weeks.  After an applicant passes the aforementioned tests, an in-depth background investigation will be completed within approximately 3-4 weeks.  A conditional officer will be offered after the background investigation, and a Psychological and Physical Exam will be completed prior to a final offer. 

Can I have tattoos? What about a beard?

Visible tattoos are permitted, unless deemed inappropriate upon review.  Visible tattoos on the head, neck, or hands are prohibited. 

All uniformed personnel are permitted to wear a beard/goatee/mustache, as long as it is properly groomed and neatly trimmed at all times.  Officers must be out of training/FTO before they are permitted to wear a beard or goatee. 

Can I do a lateral transfer?

All In-State Certified Class 1 Officer’s are permitted to transfer to the department without attending any additional SCCJA training.

Out of State Certified Officers will have their current Academy Syllabus approved by the SCCJA as a South Carolina Certified Class 1 Officer.  Officer will have to also provide a letter of Good Standing from a supervisor within their current department.  Officers will complete a basic Pre-Service class with firearms qualification, driving, assorted training, and department policy. Officer’s will spend approximately four (4) weeks at the Police Training Annex before attending the SCCJA to take a legal exam, driving qualification, and a firearm qualification. 

If I come from out-of-state, do I have to pay to attend the academy?

No. Upon hire, you will be sponsored at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy by the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Is a Community Service Officer and a Police Officer the same thing?

No, the Police Community Service Officer Program was established to assist in reducing the workload and response time of sworn officers. This program assisted by establishing full-time, non-sworn employees that could perform a variety of fieldwork to support basic police operations and functions. More information about becoming a Community Service Officer can be found here >

What is the difference in a Certified Officer and an Uncertified Officer?

 A Certified Police Officer is a sworn, full-time employee at the agency of employment. An uncertified Officer is a person who is not a sworn, full-time employee at a police agency. If you are currently a full-time employee at an agency, you are more than likely to qualify as a certified applicant.