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News Release Feb. 21, 2020

Myrtle Beach, SC – Officers with the Myrtle Beach Police Department are on scene at Derrieres Gentleman’s Club serving a search warrant.

Officers investigating a shooting on January 1, 2020, uncovered evidence of additional criminal activity at the business. A separate case was opened, and police identified more than 200 acts of apparent prostitution occurring at the location. The acts involved multiple employees who participated in, or facilitated, the acts.

“These hotbeds of criminal activity erode the safety of our residents and visitors,” said Chief Amy Prock. “The business was operating as a brothel as defined by South Carolina Law. We will not tolerate businesses who encourage or allow this kind of behavior.”

In cooperation with state and local partners, a search warrant was obtained for the business. To date, the investigation has led to the issuance of arrest warrants for multiple persons involved with the business. The majority of the arrest warrants are related to apparent acts of prostitution. Additional charges as the investigation continues are likely. Several charges also stem from the original shooting in January, where staff members failed to contact the police and began to clean up an area identified as a crime scene before officers arrived.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department encourages anyone with information to come forward and call (843) 918-1382. Callers may remain anonymous.

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