Memorial Day Weekend


The City of Myrtle Beach is committed to a safe, friendly environment for our visitors and residents. We want to make sure visitors are aware of our traffic diversion plan that is changing during the Memorial Day Weekend holiday. Visitors and residents will see a traffic diversion plan on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the holiday weekend. For questions, please contact (843) 918-INFO (4636)

    • Pedestrian barricades will be placed along Ocean Blvd to keep pedestrians safe on the sidewalk.
    • Beginning Friday, May 28th, at 6 am, all traffic on Ocean Boulevard is one way, southbound, from 29th Ave S to 29th Ave N. This traffic plan will conclude on Monday, May 31th at 6 am.
    • Motorists will access Ocean Blvd only from an access avenue that has a stoplight at Kings Highway. The access avenues are 21st Ave N, Mr. Joe White, 9th Ave N, 3rd Ave S, 9th Ave S, 13th Ave S, 19th Ave S, 25th Ave S, and 29th Ave S.
    • Emergency Access lanes are blocked for emergency vehicles only at 16th Ave N, 8th Ave N, 6th Ave S and 17th Ave S.
    • An extended traffic pattern will be implemented from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ONLY if traffic conditions warrant the use of the pattern. Motorists will be permitted to access Ocean Blvd at 29th Ave N and will not be allowed to get off the Blvd.
      • To avoid being in this extended traffic pattern, there are three intersections to remember:
        • 29th ave N and Bypass 17—If you do not wish to travel in the pattern, do not turn east on 29th Ave N.
        • 29th Ave N and Kings Hwy— If you do not wish to travel in the pattern, do not turn east on 29th Ave N.
        • Harrelson and Kings Hwy—All traffic will be diverted west on Kings and motorist will be in this extended pattern. If you do not wish to travel in the pattern, do not travel to Harrelson Blvd and Kings Hwy.

If you are staying along Ocean Blvd, it is recommended that you park on the west side of the Blvd, especially between the hours of 10 pm- 2 am.