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Carolina Country Music Festival

Ocean Boulevard will be closed Wednesday at 8 a.m. between 8th and 9th Avenue North as officers prepare for the event. Traffic restrictions will then go into effect at 4 p.m. on Thursday and at noon Friday to Sunday.

Traffic moving north on Ocean Boulevard must turn left onto 7th Avenue North. All traffic heading west on 7th Avenue North will have to turn right at Kings Highway. Traffic officers will be placed at intersections to ensure traffic moves swiftly. Due to the lane taper, all traffic on Kings Highway will be funneled into the inside lane.

Drivers will be allowed to go in any direction once they’ve reached Mr. Joe White Avenue.

While 8th Avenue North and the eastbound lane on 9th Avenue North will remain closed starting Thursday morning, drivers will be allowed to drive southbound on 9th Avenue North until 3 p.m. when traffic will flow west toward Mr. Joe White Avenue. Police will then divert traffic at Mr. Joe White Avenue westbound to Kings Highway detour.

Cars traveling northbound on Ocean Boulevard during the daytime hours until 3 p.m. will be allowed to turn up 9th Avenue North to Kings Highway. Additionally, 9th Avenue North between Kings Highway and Oak Street will be open to customers and employees of businesses along Avenue.

Rideshare services can be found at 9th Avenue North between Kings Highway and Oak Street, with the shuttle service for those parking at former Myrtle Square Mall site picking up and dropping off near the Pavilion. Festival attendees can visit Ground Zero on Chester Street for any ticket inquiries with police providing short-term parking across the street.

If Ocean Boulevard becomes congested, police will aim to alleviate traffic at 16th Avenue North.

For festival information, please see https://carolinacountrymusicfest.com/

—-Click the legend symbol on the below interactive map for a list of road closures and traffic diversions.

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