Street Crime

The Street Crimes Unit is a pro-active unit designed to address several different areas. The unit is made up of two rotating plain-clothed teams, the Community Team, the Auto Theft Unit, and the Family Service Unit. The Family Services Unit encompasses investigations related to juvenile crimes, missing persons and domestic violence. These different assigned officers work together to address ongoing areas of concern brought up by the community as well as those areas that have been identified through ongoing investigations as quality of life issues.

The Community Team was created to work within the downtown area to focus on community-based policing within specific neighborhoods. The team has developed strong relationships with many of our social agencies that help provide assistance for individuals and families within our community.

Over the years, the Auto Theft Unit has made great strides to address ongoing issues with auto theft within the Myrtle Beach community. Officers have received extensive training in working investigations and these officers work regularly with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division as well as the National Insurance Crime Bureau to stay on top of trends and patterns in auto theft.

The Family Services Unit consists of officers assigned to work cases involving juveniles as well as domestic violence related cases. These investigations can include ongoing issues that range from abuse to runway cases to truancy cases. The Unit also assists with missing person cases. The Family Services Unit also works on domestic related cases that are a result of a call for service from an officer on patrol or information provided by citizens. The Family Services Unit Officers follow up with the family to develop a relationship in order to address concerns and work through ongoing issues. The Officers work regularly throughout the community as well as supporting Uniform Patrol shifts. Inclusive within the unit are the School Resource Officers assigned to the Myrtle Beach High School and Myrtle Beach Middle School. The School Resource Officers work within the schools to provide presentations to various classes as well as work with school administrators, parents and students to assisting in addressing disciplinary issues. The School Resource Officers goal is to develop positive relationships with students and parents.