Forensic Hypnosis

Forensic Hypnosis allows the Hypnotist to take a victim or witness of a crime, accident, or some other law enforcement action and hypnotize them to recall memories from their subconscious of such things as, recognizable features on possible suspect’s, vehicles, or items. Forensic Hypnosis has been used in law enforcement for years by such agencies as the Los Angeles Police Department, which did a ten-year study and found that over 80% of the time more information was obtained though using a Forensic Hypnosis Interview. The FBI has a section for Forensic Hypnosis within their Behavioral Science Unit.

Sgt. Shannon Castle is a 27-year veteran in law enforcement and has used Forensic Hypnosis in law enforcement for the Myrtle Beach Police Department as well as other law enforcement agencies within the state. He has had an interest in Hypnosis for a several years, and in 2009, he started researching how he could connect the two.  After many months of research, he found the proper field and training at the Texas Police Academy. There he was certified as a Forensic Hypnotist in 2010.